Prayer meeting - by Zoom

Wednesday 9th December at 7:30pm

Meeting ID: 986 5461 4128

Passcode: LoveCrewe 

Online Carol Service

Sunday 20th December at 6:30pm

Christmas Unwrapped with J John


Head over to You Tube to enjoy a time of carols, talks and stories.

Go to You Tube and search for Love Crewe, or follow this link:

We will go live with a countdown from 6:15 if it helps you to get set up.

Grab a drink, a mince pie and join in as much as you want!

Alpha - Thursday evenings - by ZOom

Do you have questions about life?


Everyone should have the opportunity to explore faith, question the meaning of life and share their point of view.

Alpha is a chance to do that with coffee and a chat in your own home whilst on line.

If you come along, we won’t call you after or write unless you wish - the ball is completely in your court.

What have you got to lose?


Zoom meeting: ID 885 8876 7580, Password: 807850

The Blessing UK

Check this out as proof that the Church is alive and well in the UK!

Healing Meetings

We still have audio recordings of Jonathan Conrathe, for you to listen to at your convenience, or to share with people you know.

Love, where you live

love crewe is simple.

The churches of Crewe want to demonstrate how much Jesus loves this town, and you, through our actions, words and thoughts.