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Love Crewe was founded in 2016, although the churches of Crewe have worked together for many years to demonstrate the love of Jesus to Crewe.


This year however, we wanted to make a bold statement to Crewe: let us show you how much Jesus loves this town, and the people who live here. We want to show you with actions, not just words, and by coming to the places where you are, rather than asking you to come to us.

Why not watch this short video to find out more?

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All Videos

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Here are some photos of the events we have already done, and there are plenty more to come!

This is a recording of the hilarious Canon J. John speaking at the Lyceum Theatre, Christmas 2018. Please feel free to share it with people you know.

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Love, where you live

love crewe is simple.

The churches of Crewe want to demonstrate how much Jesus loves this town, and you, through our actions, words and thoughts.



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